Letter From The Founder | Small Business Saturday 2023

by Jance Staten on November 24, 2023

Hey Brazen fam!

I'm feeling super grateful as I write this. Today's all about celebrating Small Business Saturday, and I just gotta say – you all mean the world to us here at Brazen.

About five years back, I took a leap and started Brazen after working in retail for a little over a decade. It was a rollercoaster – lots of learning and trying things out. But guess what? Your support kept us going strong.

Brazen wasn't the first name that popped into my head when I decided to launch a boutique. I wanted a name that spoke to people who are bold not just in what they wear, but in who they are. "Brazen" caught my eye while searching for synonyms for the word 'bold.', even though I knew it had some not-so-great meanings. I embraced it as an opportunity to redefine its meaning. Being Brazen at Brazen meant fearlessly embracing one's individuality, unapologetically.

We've changed and grown a bunch over the years. Right now, we're all about comfy clothes like loungewear and everyday basics that make life easier. Our goal? To give you outfits that look great without taking tons of time to put together. But in the new year, we're striving to give you an even more elevated brand experience that spans across more than just clothing.

Looking back, it blows my mind – we've sent out over 18,000 orders and served 7,000 awesome people from all across the country. Every order tells a story, and we're thrilled to be part of your lives.

Today, as we celebrate Small Business Saturday, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you. Your trust, encouragement, and loyalty have not gone unnoticed. It's your belief in us that keeps us moving forward, striving to continually enhance your experience with Brazen.

As we navigate the future together, my promise to you remains the same – to create a brand that not only offers comfort and style but celebrates the boldness within each of you.

Thank you for choosing Brazen. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Your support means everything.

With boundless gratitude,

Jance Chartae | Founder, Brazen

P.S. Welcome to our new blog, The Comfort Corner! 😉