8 Cute Biker Short Outfits Anyone Can Wear

8 Cute Biker Short Outfits Anyone Can Wear
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If there’s one thing that’s constantly cycling in and out of style it's fashion trends. But, biker shorts have made an outstanding comeback into our wardrobes – we hope they stay for longer this time. Still, you might be hesitant to jump on the biker short trend. After all, we know it can be tricky to style these to make them look trendy instead of dowdy. To help you, we’ve rounded up 8 cute biker short outfit ideas so you can rock the look with confidence. No need to spend hours getting ready!

So, whether you’re looking for a casual style with t-shirts and sneakers, or a more polished look with a blazer and heels, keep reading for outfit ideas that prove biker shorts are great for any occasion.  


1. Get a Matching Set or Create Your Own

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Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, matching sets are making our lives so much easier. You can find so many biker short sets out there or fake the look by pairing your shorts with similar-styled tops in the same shade. Rock the matchy-matchy look or throw on a jacket for extra layering, coverage, and style. It’s that simple. 

A quick way to create your matching set is to throw on a loose sweatshirt over your biker shorts. This will instantly transform your idea of sloppy loungewear into a classic staple. Whether you pair it with a cropped sweatshirt, pullover, hoodie, or vintage sweater, the body-hugging bottoms will offset your top’s fit and create the perfect balance to give you that hour-glass figure we all secretly want. 


2. Dress It Up with Heels or Boots


Don’t limit your biker shorts outfit to sneakers or flats because you think they can only be casualwear. Throwing an unexpected shoe choice like a pair of sleek heels or chunky boots is a quick way to make your sporty look feel fancier and fashion-forward. 

For an elegant look, coordinate your shoe choice with your shorts, opt for a more dressy shirt, and finish your look with some minimal jewelry and fabulous makeup. Trust us, that’s all you’ll ever need to get all the likes on your feed. 


3. Keep It Casual with an Oversized T-Shirt



Any oversized t-shirt will be a look on its own, so rock your favorite biker shorts with sneakers or flats for a casual look. The result is a super comfortable outfit that takes virtually no time to put together and can take you anywhere. 

Bonus, you can get this exact cotton biker short set set right here on our site. 


4. Make It Athleisure with a Crop Top or Sports Bra



This outfit idea is probably a no-brainer, but fitness enthusiasts aren’t the only ones sporting this combo. Thanks to the rise of athleisure, the crop top or sports bra pairing with biker shorts have become a staple look for everyone.

If you want a fashion-forward look, add a blazer or choose strappy heels for a unique outfit that can seamlessly take you from 9-to-5 to date night with the girls.


5. Throw a Blazer For the Office



We know the idea of you walking into the office with biker shorts seems daunting, but hear us out. On paper, it sounds almost impossible to pair a sleek blazer with biker shorts, but once you see it, you’ll get it. 

Level up your biker shorts and make them office-appropriate with a tailored fit or an oversized blazer. This contrasting matching makes it sleek, elegant, sophisticated and fashion-forward without losing the casualness and comfort of the biker short aesthetic. It has never been so fun to dress for the office. 


6. Pair It with a Button-Down



On that same note, you can pair your biker shorts with a button-down shirt for that same sophisticated look. Whether you leave some or all buttons undone, tuck the top in, tie it at the waist, or let it hang as a jacket, the possibilities for outfits with this pairing are endless.

A button-down shirt look is as versatile as biker shorts themselves. Perfect for running errands, lunch dates, and any other event in between. 


7. Keep It Loungy with a Cardigan



Another way to add a cozy contrast to the sharp biker shorts look is to add a classic cardigan to your outfit. An oversized and long cardigan that hangs on the sides will make your outfit more chill and casual. 

But if you want a more daring look, try a more fitted cropped cardigan and leave some buttons unclasped. This biker short outfit idea lets you try different styles from spring to fall season without a problem. 


8. Make a Statement with a Leather Jacket

Go against all odds and pair your ultra-versatile biker shorts with a leather jacket. Transform your sporty and casual look into an edgy and fashion-forward statement outfit by throwing a leather jacket, the perfect boots, and just enough jewelry to complete a grungy and trendy look that’s sneakily ultra-comfortable, too. 


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  • Sonera Angel

    Love these outfits! These are different outfit ideas for winter. I am so inspired by your styles and want to try them. Thanks for sharing.

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