10 Ways to Wear Joggers to Elevate Your Look

by Charlene McCraney on July 06, 2021

Sweatsuits, sweatpants, jogger sets, whatever you want to call them, they’ve long been for lounging around the house – but that’s no longer the case. Today,  celebrities, fashionistas, and high-end designers are all reimagining how to wear joggers in a trendy and stylish way.

Today’s jogger sets are no longer boring and sloppy. With a few tricks and some inspiration, you can easily style joggers in a classy way so you can look amazing and stay comfortable just about anywhere. 

To start dressing up your joggers, you want to choose a fitted set instead of baggy ones. Sloppy joggers may be cozy but they can be more challenging to dress up. Here are ten proven ways to wear joggers to elevate your look.



1. Try Heels for a Polished Look

The easiest and quickest way to dress up your joggers is to swap your sneakers or flats for heels, pumps, or sandals. High-heeled shoes will instantly take things up a notch. Play with different heel styles to find the one that you love the most. From there, complete your outfit with a stylish top, jewelry, and bold makeup. 

monochrome jogger look

2. When in Doubt Pick a Monochrome Look

When you want to keep your outfit simple and you’re not sure how to style your joggers, opt for a monochromatic look. A jogger set can make it even easier, but choosing matching pieces will keep things sleek and simple. A monochrome style is a tried-and-true celebrity styling hack to look polished and fabulous, even while wearing sweatpants. 
how to wear joggers

3. Wear Joggers with a Dressy Top

We tend to forget that joggers are bottoms, so treat them as you would your favorite jeans and pair them with a button-down top or a dressy blouse. Even a party blouse can elevate your jogger outfit if you pair them right. For example, picture a beautiful sequined top with your favorite fitted joggers, the right high heels, and striking makeup. Perfect, right?


4. Choose Nice Sneakers for a Comfy Vibe

If you don’t want to wear regular sneakers, don’t worry. Pair your joggers with streamlined sneakers for a comfortable look that’s anything but sloppy. Pick a fitted top or a dressy blouse to keep the perfect balance and prevent your joggers from looking too casual. We love the look of sharp white sneakers with joggers, a t-shirt, and the perfect denim jacket for a comfy outfit. There’s certainly no shortage of interesting ways to wear joggers!
vest and hoodie with joggers

photo via dressedformyday.com

5. Add a Vest Over a Hoodie

A puffy vest can dress up a casual hoodie for colder nights or fall months and make your outfit look more polished. Topping your hoodie is a great way to elevate your very casual look when you step out the door. During hotter days, a lightweight vest over a long-sleeve t-shirt can help you achieve the same effect.

6. Wear Joggers with a Coat or Blazer

You could quickly wear your favorite joggers to your office if you style them right. Pair your fitted joggers with a coat or an oversized blazer for an interesting contrast that will elevate the style of your pants. A structured blazer will give you a more polished appearance, while a large or flowy coat would be more casual-chic. 
wearing joggers with coats

photo from ashleighbecker.com

7. Try Ankle Boots for a More Modern Look

One of our favorite ways to wear joggers is to pair them with ankle boots that give a more casual-stylish vibe. Pick heeled boots for a more sophisticated outfit or chunky boots for a grungy style. Make sure to tuck your joggers inside the ankle boots for a more polished look. You can always play with knee-length boots if you’re wearing fitted joggers, too. 


8. Throw In a Glam Accessory

Regardless of what you wear with your jogger pants, a glamourizing accessory like a handbag or jewelry can make a huge difference. To instantly take your outfit to the next level, pair your joggers with a striking structured bag that will dress up your outfit without looking as if you’re trying too hard.


9. Use Layers to Create a Show-Stopping Outfit

The key to dressing up your joggers is to use layers. Adding curated layers to your sweatpants outfit can make your look more intentional. For example, we love our joggers with a classic button-down shirt under a sweater, paired with a cozy scarf and a coat cardigan. Suddenly, your jogger-centric outfit seems anything but ordinary. 


10. Pair Joggers with a Denim Jacket for a Casual Vibe

Finally, you can always throw in a nice denim jacket to elevate your look and still keep a casual vibe. Perfect for warmer days and summer nights, a light denim jacket can instantly transform even the simplest jogger outfits. Pair it with sneakers or flats for an informal evening or choose heels or ankle boots for a night out on the town.

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